Who doesn’t love a ride?  And at showtime we know how important those rides are to attracting a crowd.  As one of the largest local manufacturers of carnival rides for 10 years, we know our stuff.  Staging, design and development, you name it, we have done it on some of the biggest name rides in our country. These days, we are still involved in ongoing maintenance.  Don’t tell anyone…. we secretly love popping into Luna Park to do their maintenance and seeing all the new attractions.

We know how important comfort and practicality is to the entertainment industry. The customers’ overall experience can make or break your customers’ enjoyment, so its important to our clients that we offer practical and innovative solutions.

Our team are experienced in design and construction of seating, scaffolding for events, backdrops, staging and anything else associated with your customers’ enjoyment and crowd management.

As one of the biggest manufacturer of Carnival and Amusements rides in Australia between 1976 and 1985, we have the experience and knowledge in this industry.

Luna Park Roller Coaster

We are proud to have been involved in working on the following iconic projects:

“The Edge” – Eureka Towers 88th Floor, Melbourne
– Corkscrew Roller Coaster – Sea World Queensland
– Pioneered Inspection & Repair Program for Space Roller
– Reinstalled and Refurbished Luna Park, Melbourne
– Centre Point 2000 – Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony
– Mobile Seating for Equestrian Entertainment Centre
– Re-design Winching and Lifting Systems for Melbourne Theatre Company
– Staging Equipment at the Melbourne Theatre Company
– Supply & Install Scaffolding Systems at the Melbourne Theatre Company
– Design &  Manufacture Winch System for Crown Casino
– Design & Manufacture Mobile Seating – John Farnham’s “Last Time” Tour.

Design, Development and Maintenance of the following Rides:

– Superloop
– Mobile Pirate
– Enter-prize
– Disco Swings
– Hurricane
– Mono-Rail, Bibra Lakes WA
– 5 Giant Slides for the back of a semi trailer
– 2 Major Ghost Trains that are mobile
– 3 Fun Factories
– 2 Explorer Rides
– 3 Portable Go Cart Tracks.